5 Awe-Inspiring Urban Gardens


Pop-up Patch in Melbourne used to be an unused parking lot.

We love local produce, as evidenced by our roundup of America’s 101 Best Farmers Markets. Urban gardens are pretty much as local as you can get. Who says you need to live in the country to be a farmer?

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Although around 15 percent of the world's food is now grown in urban areas, urban farms are by no means trying to usurp the place of rural farms — that would be physically impossible. Growing local is good for the big picture, as providers can forgo the airplanes and freight trucks necessary for delivering goods — leaving a huge carbon footprint behind — and lose the preservatives needed to keep foods in prime condition for those long journeys.


We’re the ones who need to travel, not our food. Of course, some foods require rural conditions, but when we can, we should grow close to home. These urban gardens will prove that growing food on rooftops a short subway ride from our homes is not only possible, but excellent for the Earth.