3 Reasons 7-Eleven Stores in Asia Are Much More Epic Than Ours

In Asia, make sure you make a pit stop at these magical places

7-Eleven stores aren’t run-of-the-mill in Asia. They’re a dining destination with crazy options you’ll be missing when you come back from your trip.


The chain of convenience stores that would eventually come to be called 7-Eleven was started in the United States by Joe Thompson in 1927, according to Mashable. “Tote’m Stores” was the moniker before it changed to 7-Eleven so as to reflect the chain’s business hours (7 a.m. to 11 p.m.). In the United States, the stores are a place to grab some water bottles or road trip snacks at most, but in Asia, 7-Eleven is a completely different story. Here are three reasons the chain is winning in Asia.

Mashed Potato Vending Machines

Enough said. In Singapore, Maggi is the brand behind these genius devices. Get your mashed potato fix on the go.

Kit Kat Selection on Point

Love this chocolate candy? At 7-Eleven stores in Japan, you can choose between flavors like strawberry cheesecake, wasabi, and rum raisin.

Unique Potato Chip Flavors

Lay’s chips in 7-Eleven stores in Shanghai have flavors like Pepsi and chicken wing, cheesy lobster, and cucumber. What more could you want?