3 Kinds Of People You Don't Want Near You On A Flight

The list of every type of character you'll meet on airplanes throughout your life could fill a book, but some traveling partners engender worse aviation experiences than others — especially if you find yourself stuck next to them for hours, thousands of feet in the air, cramped in a small space that's already its own kind of hell.

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Of all the people you'd like to avoid on a flight — but likely won't be able to, because somehow your luck always puts them right beside you — these three are at the top of the list:

Screaming Children

We love kids, and we get it that you can't help it that your babies can't express the pain of their ears popping in any other way other than crying — but it's still annoying. It usually affects everyone on the plane, but those closest to the source of the screams can say goodbye to hope of getting a little peace, much less shuteye. No amount of meditation and no noise-canceling headphones can completely shut out those screeching high notes.


It's good to be friendly with your neighbors, but sometimes you want those few hours on an airplane to work, catch up on your sleep, or maybe relax with a movie, uninterrupted. Every now and then, you'll find yourself next to someone who wants to talk about his or her life and learn all about yours, asking question after question and offering anecdote after anecdote about his or her daughter, dog, boss, or fitness strategy. And you can't really be rude and just cut them off , because then it's hours of airborne awkwardness.

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Sitting next to someone with smelly feet or body odor or that unmistakable aroma (increasingly common in polite company these days) of stale marijuana smoke, may be the worst neighboring-passenger experience of all. And the worst of the worst aren't those who take off their shoes when sitting next to you, but the shoeless wonders behind you who put their soggy-stockinged feet on the armrest in front of them — your armrest. Is it too late to get off this thing?