3 Hacks That Will Help You Fit More Into Your Suitcase

When it comes down to packing before a trip, we almost always end up overdoing it; trying to fit as much as we can into our suitcase just in case (although we'll likely use half of it, if that). The list of "what-if" questions we ask ourselves as we stuff item after item into our luggage only seems to grow with each thing we pack.

But as the saying goes, it's better to be safe than sorry. If you really can't part with anything in your suitcase but you can't seem to make everything fit, try these three packing hacks.

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Roll Clothes

If you roll your clothing instead of folding and stacking it you can make use of all the empty space in your suitcase. Corners and pockets of air between other items can be filled with smaller, rolled clothes. This method fits the absolute most when packing for warm-weather destinations, since the clothes you pack are already less bulky than winter items.

Separate Shoes

Don't pack your shoes in pairs. It'll be easier to fit your shoes in odd places instead of having them take up their own zip code in your suitcase. If you pack them separately you can fit them into any pockets of space between your clothes and other items.

Space Savers

If you're really trying to pack the most into one suitcase, invest in air-tight travel bags. They won't take out all the air, but they'll increase space by rolling out as much air as possible with your body weight. Although not necessary, these bags are great for long trips where you're trying to pack for every occasion or trips where you'll need to dress for multiple seasons and temperatures.  

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