3 Christmas Traditions Around The World

Many of the ways the world celebrates Christmas today are inspired by Victorian ideas from the 1860s. Christmas cards weren't given widely until that decade and didn't spread to the United States until the early 1970s. Carols were sung door-to-door, and the Christmas feast focused on goose, chicken, or roast beef until turkey took center stage in the late nineteenth century. Decorating Christmas trees, too, is a tradition from this era, which began in Germany, brought to America by German settlers, and was spread to England by Prince Albert in 1840.

The world celebrates Christmas in a variety of ways. Read on for three Christmas traditions by country.


"Christmas in July" isn't so far off for Australians, since the holiday is technically the middle of summer there and temperatures are extremely high. Even on Christmas, outdoor barbecues and going to the beach are common.


In Finland, Christmas Eve is a popular time to visit the sauna. Listening to the "Peace of Christmas" broadcast on the radio is also a widespread tradition.


Families enjoy a traditional 12-course feast together to celebrate the holiday, and the feast can begin once the youngest child spots the evening star in the night sky.