3 Big New Year's Celebrations In The Middle East And North Africa

The Middle East and North Africa have some legendary New Year's celebrations up their sleeves.You should consider these three cities for spending the last night of the year in if you have the time and the means. You can check these beautiful countries off your travel bucket list and celebrate the first moments of 2016 all at the same time — and don't forget to make your New Year's resolutions with these tips in mind. Agadir, Beirut, and Dubai all rang in 2015 in a major way. Take a look at how below.

Agadir, Morocco

Fireworks on the beach? Count us in. If you do travel to Morocco, definitely also make a stop in Marrakech.

Beirut, Lebanon

These fireworks alone are enough to make us want to book a flight. That and the stupendous architecture.

Dubai, UAE


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According to Stepfeed, this city earned the top spot on KAYAK's trending New Year's Eve destinations. Dubai should be one of the cities at the top of every world traveler's bucket list due to legendary architecture and shopping alone.