3 of the Best Countries for Vegan Travelers

When planning a vacation, keep these three countries in mind

A vegan quinoa salad.


Cheese. Butter. Eggs. Any type of meat. These are all things one can’t eat while staying true to a vegan diet, but the movement is growing, fueled by both an aversion to animal cruelty and self-imposed dietary restrictions. The food isn’t any less flavorful or delicious, but it’s often difficult to find vegan options in such a meat, dairy, and other animal product-based world. However, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel – as veganism slowly becomes more mainstream, more restaurants are offering vegan menu items or alternatives to popular dishes. We rounded up three of the best countries for vegetarian travelers, but these destinations should be on your travel bucket list whether you’re vegan or not. 

United Kingdom

MFA Blog names the United Kingdom as one of the top countries for vegans. One in eight British adults followed a vegetarian or vegan diet as of last year, and in 2013, PETA named Glasgow the United Kingdom’s most vegan-friendly city – so make sure you stop by the 78, a retro vegan/vegetarian dining room with cozy armchairs and a coal fire.


Since most Italian dishes are cooked with olive oiland cheese is an optional topping, a vegan diet isn’t hard to sustain in this country. Ordering pizza without cheese results in a piece with tomato sauce, artichoke hearts, and basil, and many pasta dishes can be adapted to vegan dishes.


Results from a survey by Animal Rights Sweden in 2014 suggest that one in 10 Swedes follows a vegetarian or vegan diet. Stockholm has a variety of vegan-friendly restaurant options, including Restaurant Voltaire, which offers vegan salads, hot meals, and desserts.