3 Apps Every Traveler Needs

Traveling can be fun, but it's also a bit hectic at times. If you're taking a road trip, traffic can be your ultimate enemy; and if you're flying, finding affordable flight deals, making sure all your necessities are packed, and making it through security before your flight starts boarding can be a stressful process, to say the least. We can't guarantee these things won't still happen, but these three apps will help you have a smoother travel experience.


Waze is a great app for road trips or long drives, and works so well because of the community aspect. Based on other app users, you'll see where there is traffic, where police cars are hiding on highways, where there are accidents, and where to find quicker, alternate routes through side streets and back roads that other apps won't show you. It makes getting to your destination much easier without all the surprises of traffic jams and accident or construction delays.


For the frequent traveler, Hopper is a must for finding the cheapest flights possible. Once you put in your destination and your desired departure and arrival dates, Hopper searches all airline deals for the cheapest possible flights. It will also tell you whether the price shown is the lowest, if the prices will likely drop more, or if the prices will rise. You can set the app to send you a notification when the prices reach their lowest. Hopper takes the headache out of the searching process, and makes finding cheap deals much easier.

Airline App

Whichever airline you plan on taking, make sure you have its app on your phone. You can check in through the app and use an electronic boarding pass to get through security (just don't forget your ID!). You won't have to worry about printing your boarding pass the night before or waiting in lines at the airport to have it printed there. Plus, if you have TSA pre-check clearance it'll show up on your boarding pass, so don't worry about it not appearing just because you're using your phone.