20 Crazy Facts About Cruise Ships

As if the idea of a floating city weren't insane enough to begin with, here are 20 fascinating things about these vessels
20 Crazy Facts About Cruise Ships


What does the fourth smoke stack do? You might be surprised at the answer.

Traveling aboard a cruise ship is an interesting experience. For starters, the idea that a ship that large — which contains a multitude of restaurants, bars, theaters, pools, and enough cabins to house thousands of people — can float at all is astounding (unless you’re some type of fancy physics whiz). However, there are so many additional aspects of these floating cities that people don’t consider — especially the manpower, supplies, and services required to keep the ships operational.

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And obviously, it’s not always smooth sailing for some cruises, both literally and figuratively. Problems occur all the time, from the very minor variety to the extremely serious (and sometimes life-threating) type as well. The history of cruise ships is fascinating, and these enormous vessels only seem to get more interesting as time goes on, technology advances, and tourists crave bigger ships, more features, and other amenities that constantly pit cruise lines against each other to stay afloat in the travel business.


Think you know all there is to know about cruise ships? Here are 20 crazy facts about cruise ships that might surprise you.