15 Things Only People From New Orleans Say

Your guide to understanding some of the words and phrases most commonly used in New Orleans


Be sure to ask for your po'boy dressed. 

Beyond just the various slang terms used throughout the country, we’ve already discussed in previous stories how Southerners don’t believe they have an accent (nor do people from the Midwest or New England), which makes understanding what they’re saying that much harder. To complicate matters in Louisiana specifically, many New Orleans natives speak Creole French, so there are three things working against you while you’re attempting to understand what is being said: a Southern accent (of course), local abbreviations and slang, and the mixture of English and French languages to create completely new words.


Slideshow: 15 Things Only People From New Orleans Say



If you know some French, you’ll likely know what lagniappe means, or maybe who marraine and parrain are, but many are likely unaware of the unique regional pronunciation of mynez. If you want to know what it means to live in a shotgun or make dodo, check out our list of things only people from New Orleans say below.