The 13 Wildest, Weirdest Food Vehicles On America's Roads

We recently put together a list of the 101 best food trucks in America for 2017, but what about interesting food vehicles in general? America's roads have some crazy cars, trucks, and motorcycles that are spiffed out to look like all sorts of things — there are upside-down school buses, cars with hot tubs, and even some vehicles that resemble animals or food items.

Slideshow: The 13 Wildest, Weirdest Food Vehicles on America's Roads

One man went so far as to transform his Harley-Davidson motorcycle into a cheeseburger on wheels. The insane (and awesome) motorcycle has a loaded tray table between the handle bars and ketchup bottles as shock covers, with hot cheese that seems to be melting over the front wheel. Another crazy food vehicle? The Space Shuttle Café, which serves food from a realistic looking NASA space shuttle on wheels. Check out the rest of our list for more of the wildest and weirdest food vehicles on America's roads.