13 Foods You Probably Shouldn't Eat When Traveling

Finding fantastic food is an essential part of almost any vacation, but for various health reasons, you might want to skip these
13 Foods You Probably Shouldn't Eat When Traveling


"Could you ask the chef to hold the food poisoning, please?"

Tasting and trying different local foods is a huge part of traveling, and, in our humble opinion, probably the best part of almost any vacation. However, travelers shouldn’t get so excited that they blindly eat and drink everything in sight, as certain foreign foods might put a damper on your trip. After all, although you probably booked a stay at a nice hotel, that doesn’t mean you want to be confined to your room (and bathroom) for the entire holiday. With that in mind, we compiled some helpful tips for cautious consumption.

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When crafting this article, we took a look at our list of the 9 Foods Most Likely to Cause Food Poisoning and filtered it through the lens of travel, in addition to examining the CDC’s guidelines for travelers. The travel writer and founder of LegalNomads.com wrote a book called The Food Traveler's Handbook, which was also essential to our research. We highly recommend it to anybody who wants to eat adventurously on her or his travels while exercising a reasonable amount of vigilance.

In suggesting that you should avoid these foods when you travel — especially when you're going to developing countries — we’d like to stress that we’re not saying the food in these areas is of lesser quality or that our food preparation or safety practices are any better. It’s just that our foreign stomachs are more sensitive to certain microorganisms found in food and water abroad due to our lack of regular exposure to them. (Similarly, many ingredients in American food might not sit well with visitors trying it for the first time, either.)


That being said, be sure to sample some dishes on your next vacation, but with a few notable exceptions. Although they might seem delicious, don’t press your luck, and instead pass on these 13 foods you probably shouldn’t eat when traveling.