11 Iconic Cookie Brands From Around The World (Slideshow)

11 Iconic Cookie Brands from Around the World

There is nothing sweeter than your favorite cookie.

McVitie’s Digestives — England

McVitie's Digestives biscuits are as iconic of England as the Queen (though they may be just a little bit sweeter). They come in a variety of flavors, from chocolate to whole wheat to the original flavor. McVitie's Hobnobs were another contender for England's quintessential biscuit.

Goteborgs Ballerina Cookies — Sweden

Ballerina cookies have been considered Sweden's favorite cookie since 1963. These delicious treats are circular in shape, are made from a shortbread cookie and have a chocolate hazelnut cream filling. 

Lotte Pepero Cookie — South Korea

Pepero is a Korean cookie stick made from a biscuit that is dipped in chocolate. Pepero come in a variety of flavors, including chocolate, almond, and strawberry, among others. November 11, otherwise written as 11/11 (which resembles the shape of the Pepero stick), is known as Pepero day, a day when Koreans give one another Pepero as gifts to show their love and affection.

Slai O’lai Pineapple Cookie — Indonesia

It seems that pineapple-flavored cookies are a favorite in Indonesia, and this Slai O'lai brand is the reigning champion. This cookie is a milk cookie filled with a creamy, pineapple jam.

Havanna Alfajores — Argentina

Havanna Alfajores are legendary brand of cookies in Argentina. An alfajor is popular in South America, and the Havanna Alfajores are made from two round, buttery biscuits with a sweet dulce de leche filling in between. Alfajores can come in mixed flavors, including white alfajores, which are coated in a meringue, or a chocolate alfajores, which are covered in a dark chocolate.  

Lu Principe Cookie — Spain

Lu Principe cookies are an iconic cookie brand in Spain and are considered a staple of a Spanish childhood. This cookie, which many take with a glass of milk, is made from a wheat-flavored biscuit and is filled with a creamy, chocolate middle.  

Chips Ahoy! — U.S.

One of the most iconic brands in the States (and one brand that is sold in countries around the world) is Chips Ahoy! There is no arguing that this much-loved crunch, crumbly cookie that is densely packed with chocolate bits is a thousand chips delicious (cue the Nabisco ding!)

Leibniz Cookie — Germany

No German childhood would be complete without Leibniz cookies. This brand of wonderfully bland buttery squares comes in the original flavor as well as the Choco Leibniz flavor and a few others.

Arnott’s Tim Tams — Australia

Tim Tams have been a delight to Australian tastebuds for generation and are a household staple. Tim Tams are composed of two crunchy, chocolate-flavored biscuits that are separated by a creamy filling and are then coated in chocolate. They come in a variety of flavors (Double Coated Tim Tams are the best), with the original Tim Tam having celebrated its 50th anniversary this year. And with a Tim Tam is always the Tim Tam slam, when you bite off the ends of the biscuit and use it as a 'straw' to drink a warm beverage.

Gouda’s Gilde Siroopwafelen — Netherlands

The stroopwafel is a national sweet treat in the Netherlands that was made in a town called Gouda, and Gouda's Gilda Stroopwafelen is among the best and most iconic brands of stroopwafel out there. Stroopwafels are made from two thing layers of basked dough with a caramel-like syrup filling in the middle. 

Parle G — India

Parle G cookies is a popular brand of cookies, or biscuits, in India and are the world's largest selling biscuit. The Parle G cookie is a milk and wheat biscuit that was made from both nutirious and delicious purpose, and it is traditionally eaten as a tea time snack in India.