10 Unbelievably Weird Facts About Disney Parks

Anyone who has visited Disneyland or Disney World knows there's a certain amount of weirdness involved. In addition to some of the curious mysteries and urban legends that still surround company founder Walt Disney, the parks themselves also contain a whole lot of odd details.

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For instance, did you know that some 70 people or so have died on the property of Disneyland and Disney World alone? (Although it's worth noting that most were due to pre-existing medical conditions, failure to follow instructions, and suicide.) How about the fact that Disney World was almost located in St. Louis? And did you know that a lingerie store was once located on Main Street, featuring an exhibit on the history of undergarments and a mechanical sorcerer known as "The Wizard of Bras"?

If these facts intrigue you, then read on, because we've collected 10 additional unbelievably weird facts about Disneyland and Disney World that are sure to make your (Mickey-Mouse-hat-wearing) head spin!