The 10 Most Bizarre Restaurants in the World

You’ll have a hard time paying attention to your food at these restaurants, where the scenery and décor are the main attractions

This underwater restaurants is probably the least bizarre of all the restaurants in this list.

Normally we at The Daily Meal strive to recommend the highest-quality restaurants in the world. We generally look for top chefs (or up-and-comers) who are serving the most delicious, innovative, and sought-after dishes, and break down the menu to let you, the reader, know as much as possible prior to your potential visit.

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But other times we throw all that out the window and say forget the food for a second, there’s another reason to visit this place; usually it’s the view (like this list of the best restaurants at which to watch the sunset) or the location (like the best restaurants in the middle of nowhere) or an associated activity (like places to watch fireworks this summer).

And then there’s this article, which is basically us saying, “Hey, look over here! We found some weird stuff to look at!” And it really is an impressive novelty, because not only does it take a lot of imagination and dedication to create and maintain a bizarre eatery, but it’s incredibly difficult to keep a gimmick going for the long haul. People eventually get sick of something that’s too weird, dismiss it as a fad, and collectively let it fall by the wayside (R.I.P. Disaster Café in Lloret de Mar, Spain; The Cave in Richland, Missouri; B.E.D. in Miami; Mars 2112 in New York City).


But, for better or for worse, these weird eateries are still going strong (some of them actually have great food!) and are worthy of a visit if you enjoy some fun atmosphere along with your meal. Break out your bucket list, because here are the 10 most bizarre restaurants in the world.