10 Hotels That Put Pets on the Payroll

A dog walks into a hotel… and gets a job! See why this is no joke at these 10 hotels

Employment leaves many of these workers tired as a dog.

As time goes on, animals are becoming more important parts of our everyday lives. Think about it. In our grandparents’ time, people likely only saw cats, dogs, and other pets in their own homes and yards, or those of friends, relatives, or neighbors. Now we see dogs out at dinner, cats staying in hotels, and animals of all kinds filling our news feeds and social media accounts. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kelly Ripa announces Grumpy Cat as her new Live co-host or if future President Donald Trump appoints Koko the gorilla as the secretary of agriculture.

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A business that has a resident animal on the premises, however, isn’t especially new (especially in small mom-and-pop shops). The modern part is actually giving them titles, which can range from “pet ambassador” to “director of pet relations” or some other creatively named position. Although these jobs are usually given to dogs over other creatures (clearly we need some sort of animal affirmative action plan), it’s not rare to also see cats or birds as “employees” from time to time — as you’ll see below.


As a final note, I’d just like to say that calling hotels and asking if certain pets (a lot of the time by name) are still employed there is one of oddest things I’ve ever had to do for any job. I swear, a guy working the front desk at one of the hotels definitely thought I was pranking him.