Aspen from 10 Fun-Filled Winter Vacations for Dog-Lovers

10 Fun-Filled Winter Vacations for Dog-Lovers

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Well-known for being a pet-friendly destination, Aspen offers plenty of winter activities for dogs and their human halves. If you want to keep it low-key, you can take your dog with you when exploring Aspen’s downtown area, but if your pooch is up for it (and if you’re up for it) you can hike up trails on Smuggler Mountain with your dog off-leash. The mountain is open for hikers and pets all year, just make sure your dog is trained to listen to you and that he/she gets along well with other dogs. 



This city is a relaxing winter destination for dog-lovers. Austin has enough off-leash dog parks to keep busy and a doggie playground called Yard Bar where your pooch can play as you eat, drink, and relax. 

Farmington, Pa.

Your dog can join you at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort for a luxurious stay in Farmington, Pennsylvania. This ski resort offers spa services, indoor swim packages, designated nature hikes, and day care activities for your pampered pooch. They offer pet packages, but Nemacolin suggests bringing your dog along on your daily activities. 


Gatlinburg, Tenn.

You can hike certain trails with your dog in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park or spend some time shopping in The Village Shops. Gatlinburg is a great destination for travelers who want a low-key trip with their pets. You can also take your dog with you on the scenic Gatlinburg Sky Lift to the top of the mountain. 


Key West, Fla.

Florida is great for travelers and their pets who want to enjoy beach weather during the winter months. The water will be cool but swimmable, and your pup will have fun frolicking on the beach. If your dog is small enough to fit and can sit still for a bit, put him or her in your front bike basket and go on a ride around the island. You’ll find plenty of accommodating hotels and restaurants that will even bring a water bowl for your dog. 


Lake Placid, N.Y.

Located in the Adirondack Mountains, several Lake Placid ski trails permit dogs to join their owners in cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, and skijoring — which is when the skier is pulled by his/her dog. Lake Placid is a fun destination for adventurous, snow-loving dogs. 


Portland, Ore.

Portland is an incredibly dog-friendly destination with things to do all year long. Plum Hill Vineyards even allows your pup to join you in the tasting room! If wine tasting isn’t enough, there are also countless parks and trails you can visit, and Portland’s Saturday Market to stroll through.

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San Diego

San Diego is home to the off-leash beach park Fiesta Island, winner of USA Today’s “10 Best Dog Parks in the Country.” You can also take your dog to the city’s first dog bakery for some treats, teach your dog how to paddleboard with you, or go to Seaport Village for some shopping and dining by the harbor. 



Seattle allows pet owners to bring their dogs along with them on exciting activities like sight-seeing from a seaplane, exploring the trails of Washington Park Arboretum, or even grabbing some drinks at a local pub.  


Sedona, Ariz.

In Sedona, you can take your dog with you to visit Oak Creek Vineyard, go on a four-wheel drive Jeep tour, or take it easy at the Sedona Dog Park. All of Sedona Red Rock Adventure Tours are dog-friendly and they have a company dog that will join the tours sometimes, too.

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10 Fun-Filled Winter Vacations for Dog-Lovers