10 Foreign Foods You're Probably Pronouncing Wrong

Learning a foreign language can be tough. It takes the right tools, an ample amount of time, and a whole lot of practice, and folks often don't go through the trouble — as valuable as the skill may be. Still, if one has the time to eat, then one at least has the time to learn the proper name of what he or she is consuming.

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We're not talking about the difficult and/or slightly more obscure terms like boeuf bourguignon or Thenkuzhal, or, on the flipside, uber-common ones that most people have easily mastered by now, like the Mexican food terms quesadilla or jalapeño. The items on this list are foods that almost everyone has heard of, most have attempted to pronounce, and many still get wrong.

Take a moment to study these foods, try pronouncing them out loud a few times, and you can almost instantly both sound smarter, and actually be smarter, the next time these foods come up in conversation.