10 Food Instagrams Every Traveler Should Follow

Your Instagram 'feed' will never be the same


10 Food Instagrams Every Traveler Should Follow

Instagram has done wonders for food photography. Not only has it made food photography more accessible, but it has also given professional photographers and chefs the chance to share their behind-the-scenes lives. When these lives involve traveling the world to eat or cook delicious food, it’s lucky for us. We can globe-trot vicariously on our phones.


David Lebovitz’s adventures outside his kitchen are just as picturesque as the ones inside. His Instagram contains some of the best images of Paris (and beyond).


The New York Times’ frugal traveler stays away from nice restaurants and takes us straight to the food of the people. His Instagram features everything from up-close-and-personal shots to sweeping panoramas. 


Andrew Knowlton, the long-time Restaurant Editor at Bon Appétit, captures the Tsukiji fish market and a pan of Chicago deep-dish pizza in with the same degree of finesse. Extra points for amazing color balance.


Anthony Bourdain’s fearless sense of adventure takes us to the food of cultures we might never visit on our own. This is where you’ll see what people eat for dinner in Zebu. 


While Jamie Oliver doesn’t travel as much as others on this list, he borrows so much from other cuisines in his beautifully pictured meals that every traveler stuck at home can adopt a few of his tricks in his or her own kitchen. 


This whimsical Instagram, stunning in its uniformity, has captured the hearts of people around the internet. It’s a simple concept that reminds us how vast the world (and its food) is. 


René Redzepi owns Noma in Copenhagen, which has been voted the world’s best restaurant, and he recently opened (and then closed) a pop-up in Tokyo. His photos of food have so much personality that you can see exactly what makes him unique.




Vice’s Munchies travels far and wide to bring us a mix of wonderful food and bizarre food news. Their Instagram features neat photos of dishes sent to them by top restaurants around the world along with short travel video montages. 


We know Andrew Zimmern for bizarre foods, but his Instagram has quite a few photos of foods nobody would hesitate to eat (Nomad’s lemon tart looks especially delicious). His travel photos take us right into the hut kitchens of various indigenous peoples, like the Boras of the western Amazon.


Rick Poon’s sleek photos of minimal ingredient meals, sometimes juxtaposed with sweeping landscape images, have gotten him more than 88,600 followers on Instagram.