10 Destinations for Food From 2014

The Daily Meal looks back at some of the world’s most popular food destinations in 2014

Copenhagen, home to the world's best restaurant NOMA, was one the destinations to visit in 2014.



You’ll find everything you could ask for Barcelona, from starred restaurants to Asian food to regional dishes that will please the most discerning of palates.



With NOMA named the number one restaurant in the world, chefs and food lovers alike are planning their next trip to one of the world’s most hipster cities to try a truly world-class meal. NOMA aside, though, this is one beautiful city home to an influx of international restaurants.

Hong Kong

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It’s vibrant, it’s energetic, and it’s got the culinary pulse to match. Hong Kong is home to some of the continent’s best restaurants — including hotel restaurants — and it is a destination that caters to the hungry-yet-discerning traveler.


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Home to some of South America’s best restaurants and most creative and talented chefs, Lima is a playground for food lovers from all over the world.


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Considered Australia’s most “hipster” and European city, Melbourne is one that will certainly keep you exploring the most unlikely and creative bars and restaurants that will turn out great food and great fun.


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Not only is Paris romantic, but it also has a tremendous culinary scene to explore. Paris has struck a balance between classic Parisian eateries and young, revolutionary dining that is changing the world of modern French restaurants.

San Sebastián, Spain


With its café scene, Michelin-starred restaurants and international acclaim, San Sebastián is a mecca for food lovers.

São Paulo

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It offers an incredible international dining scene, some of the best restaurants in South America, and a positively beautiful setting. 


Alexandra E. Petri

Any mention of Singapore is likely to elicit responses about the street food that makes up the fabric of life here. In addition to its fantastic street food scene, Singapore is home to creative, quirky restaurants and starred establishments that have put this country on every epicure’s bucket list.

Tel Aviv

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This destination appeals to those with an appetite for both danger and delicious grub. With famous Israeli chefs like Yotam Ottolenghi leading the way, the Israeli food scene — especially in Tel Aviv — has made its mark on the world. 

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