10 Crazy Cooking Gadgets Around The World Slideshow

We've rounded up everything from a cheese grill with individual pans in Switzerland to a musical cake slicer that lets you choose from three festive tunes. The list even includes a tool specifically made to assist you in achieving the perfect milk dip for your cookie. Just in time for the holidays, check out these 10 crazy cooking gadgets from around the world, and consider picking up a few as gifts to give the holidays some extra cheer this year.

3-in-1 Apple Tool

If Coke tastes better in a glass bottle, then apples probably taste better cut into spirals. This tool from the United States cores the fruits, peels them, and turns them into spiral novelties that you'd just as soon wonder at than eat.

The Dipr

Apparently, someone's got dipping cookies in milk down to a science — so much so that they've discovered holding onto the frosting when dipping yields a better result than holding onto the cookie. The Dipr promises a longer and cleaner dunk, which is definitely a top priority for us all, right?

Funky Footprint-Shaped Potato Masher

Forget stamping on grapes to turn them into juice. Now you can mash potatoes using this footprint-shaped gadget from China. It helps you turn potatoes into a deliciously creamy dish and leaves interesting imprints in them as an added plus.

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Breakfast sandwiches are simple in theory – just a combination of meat, eggs, cheese, and bread. But cooking all those things separately is often more trouble than it's worth on a hurried morning. This distinctive breakfast sandwich maker, which hails from the United States, makes it easy to cook all the ingredients in one appliance thanks to its layered griddle system.

Hello Kitty Microwave

Sanrio has released a line of Hello Kitty-themed kitchen appliances, including a mini-fridge and ice cream maker. This hot pink microwave oven comes decorated with the face and signature red bow of everyone's favorite Japanese cat.

Hot Plate Tongs

Done with oven mitts? Never fear, hot plate tongs are here. Made in Taiwan, this eccentric gadget is for picking up hot dishes of any shape and size to transport them to and from the oven or microwave

Musical Cake Slicer

Cutting a cake is an exciting activity, but this cake slicer available on a United Kingdom gift site adds the extra sparkle the action deserves. Pick from tunes like Happy Birthday, Jingle Bells, and the Wedding March. Happy snacking.

Raclette Grill

Individual portions of cheese? Swiss fondue? Sign us up. This gadget, which hails from Switzerland, requires users to insert individual pans of raclette cheese into this unique grill and remove them in time to dip bread, meat, and vegetables in the cheese (which are grilled atop the apparatus.)

S’More to Love

This specialized grill basket presents s'mores as much more carefully concocted desserts than their camping counterparts. Plus, the grill basket takes the woodland stick out of the equation. The U.S. invention is also primed for use in the campfire or the oven.

XL Sink Strainer

Those small circular strainers that catch food in your apartment's sink have nothing on this monster of a strainer in Japan. Feel free to put your dishes in the sink without scraping them — this gadget can handle it.