The 10 Craziest Things You Can Do On Your Next Trip To Las Vegas (Slideshow)

Eat a 100-Ounce Burger

We'd like to discuss the burger challenge over at Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill (at Caesars Palace). Not only does the "Big Dog Daddy" meal contain 100 ounces (that's six-and-a-quarter poundsof burger with the bun, cheese, and toppings, but you also have to finish a pound of fries, 32 ounces of beer, and an order of Twinkies. However, if you can polish off the $36 meal, you'll get a spot on the restaurant's wall of fame and a free t-shirt boasting your accomplishment.

Eat a 120-Ounce Steak

Deals on steak dinners are stereotypically ubiquitous in Las Vegas (like all-you-can-eat buffet deals), but none can compare to the 120-ounce porterhouse behemoth available at Brand Steakhouse at the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino. The meal (advertised as capable of feeding six people) costs $250, but don't worry, that price also includes a side dish. If you finish the whole meal, it's free.

Fire an AK-47

Firearms, when not handled properly, can be extremely dangerous. But when used responsibly and with care, firing one can be a fun experience — especially when the gun in an AK-47 assault rifle. At Machine Guns Vegas, visitors can select from 25 different firearm options (including an M4, Glock, UZI, Beretta, and even the infamous "minigun" — which is actually a six-barrel machine gun) and after a training course, can hit the range and test them out for real for as little as $30 a session. Looking to get the most bang for your buck (pun totally intended)? Opt for a multi-gun package deal, such as the Seal Team 6 Package (M249 SAW, M4, Sig Sauer P226), the Gamer Package (AK-47, HK MPS, M4, Glock 17) or four other options.

Fly a Fighter Plane

Flying a plane isn't exactly a rare opportunity — plenty of companies offer novices the chance to do this — but that usually just involves cruising for a bit in a small single-engine under the watchful eye of an instructor, without too much action. At Sky Combat Ace, however, the customers become the pilots as they man the controls and execute loops and barrel rolls at speeds of up to 220 miles per hour. And it's really them up in the cockpit flying! Although an instructor is of course always able to take over, they'll often raise their hands in the air to show that it's really the guest who is in control of the $500,000 Extra 330LC or Waco YMF-5C. The experience has a base cost of $200, and no prior experience is required at all. Just show up with the need for speed and a decent stomach (although air sickness is apparently rare, you might want to skip the morning breakfast buffet).

Jump Off A Building

If piloting a plane isn't extreme enough for you, maybe you should go jump off a building — literally! At the famous Stratosphere hotel's SkyJump, daredevils can leap from the 108th floor of the tower and plunge 829 feet at about 40 miles per hour. This isn't a base jump or bungee experience though; it's a deceleration decent, which basically amounts a vertical zip-line that gradually slows at the end, placing you safely and comfortable onto the soft mat at the bottom. The cost is $120 per jump (with discounts for locals and hotel guests), but it would be wise to upgrade to the photo package or wrist-camera video packages ($129 and $149, respectively) if you'd like a memento from the event. Check out the restaurant at the Stratosphere while you're there — after the jump, of course.

Operate Heavy Construction Equipment

If you've ever seen a bulldozer or other heavy construction equipment in action and thought it looked like fun, here's an opportunity to find out for yourself. At Dig This, after taking a classroom and in-cab orientation, guests can climb into a Caterpillar D-5 track-type bulldozer or a 315 CL hydraulic excavator and dig holes, move dirt around, and pick up objects. The cost is $249 for two hours, but especially eager wannabe-construction workers can pay $449 and not only get three-and-a-half hours behind the wheel (or stick), but operate both the dozer and excavator. Afterward, guests will receive a certificate of accomplishment for their feats, and can browse through construction memorabilia and swag to take home. Their website even has a printable coupon for a free photo!

Race a Lamborghini

While strolling the Strip in Vegas, you're likely to see all kinds of expensive cars cruising down the street. But this isn't the way to properly utilize one of these speedsters, and now you have the chance to show everyone how it's done. Head over to Speed Vegas, and get behind the wheel of one of 10 sports cars, including a Ferrari 458 Italia, Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2, Mercedes AMG GT-S, Porsche 911 GT#, or Corvette Z06. The driving takes place on a test track, and prices are on a per-lap basis (starting at $49), but you can also opt for a package with multiple laps and access to the SPEED Lounge. There is also a café that offers a selection of light fare and drinks that can be enjoyed inside or outside on the viewing terraces.

See the Dead Dance

Ever watch an episode of The Walking Dead and think, "These walkers sure are attractive"? Well then boy do we have a treat for you. Set in 1958, the "Zombie Burlesque" show takes place shortly after the President of the United States struck a deal with the rising zombie population to allow the living and dead to coexist, and a company known as the Fleshless Management Group opened Club Z, an undead burlesque joint, to those with pulses. From the minds behind VEGAS! the Show, this musical comedy is located at the V Theater inside Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. A full bar is available, and tickets start at $65.

Swill Whiskey With a Wookie

Drinking? Not crazy (usually). Dressing in cosplay? Also not crazy. Opening a whole business based on these two ideas? Now there's an out-there idea. Amongst all the Las Vegas theme restaurants and bars where the staff dresses in costume, the Millennium Fandom Bar is one where the customers get to show off their get-ups instead. And it isn't located in some random corner of the city, but is instead just off the strip, a bit north of the Stratosphere. So grab your cosplay costume that's been stashed away since Comic-Con (or Halloween), and head to the Millennium for drinks with your favorite sci-fi, fantasy, and anime friends. I'll be the dude dressed as Boba Fett.

Swim with Sharks

Although "swimming with the sharks" sounds like a threat from the mobster days of Las Vegas (or just a ridiculous idea in general), it's actually a legitimate activity at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. For $650 (or $1000 for two), brave beings can get a guided tour of the hotel's giant aquarium before suiting up in a chain-mail suit and diving in to swim with over 30 sharks, including sandtigers, sandbars, and white tip reef sharks. The whole underwater experience takes three to four hours, but also includes video of the dive and admission for four of the diver's guests to enter the Shark Reef Aquarium and watch the encounter.