10 Classic Diners That Will Take You Back in Time


Davie's Chuck Wagon Diner

Shipped by rail from New Jersey in 1957, Davies’ Chuck Wagon Diner in Lakewood, Colorado, is the last frontier of diners out West. With a horse perched atop its roof and a giant cowboy smiling at you from the road sign, you will definitely be roped into grabbing a bite.

Historic Village Diner

Once the Halfway Diner in Rhinebeck, New York, the Historic Village Diner came to Red Hook, New York in 1951. It’s known for its variety of freshly-baked desserts, and it’s famous for being the first diner in New York.

Lawrence Park Dinor

Lawrence Park Dinor in Erie, Pennsylvania, opened in 1948 and considers itself an architectural testament to classic American style. The diner stands in its original condition with only five booths and sixteen stools situated at the counter. Go for the homemade soups, and you will be one happy customer.

A-1 Diner

Open since 1946, A-1 Diner in Gardiner, Maine, is famously perched atop steel stilts over a gully. A-1 serves beer and wine and is known for its rockin’ menu of diverse and fresh flavors. The history of its recipes were published in A1 Diner: Real Food, Recipes & Recollections by Sarah Rolph.

White Mana Diner

White Mana Diner in Jersey City was said to have been showcased as the “diner of the future” at the 1939 World’s Fair. This piece of history has been flipping burgers since 1946, which were sold for ten cents back then, and reportedly sells 3,000 burgers each week. 

Modern Diner

The 1940 Modern Diner in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, is one of only two operating “streamliner” diners by the Sterling company and is the first diner ever listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Modern Diner serves up a heck of a weekend brunch and is known for its lobster benedict.

Road Island Diner

Road Island Dineris an art-deco, pre-war diner built in 1939 by the Jerry O’Mahony company, a leading manufacturer at the time. It was moved from its Rhode Island home to Oakley, Utah, in 2007. Nowadays, this is Oakley’s hotspot come lunchtime, and it is the best place to get your scrapple fix in Utah.

Mickey's Diner

Mickey’s Diner, an art-deco dining car in St. Paul, Minnesota, has been open 24 hours a day since it opened in 1936 and is among the most famous diners in the country. Mickey’s has even appeared in a few classic films including The Mighty Ducks and Jingle All The Way.

Capitol Diner

Capitol Diner in Lynn, Massachusetts is on diner expert Richard Gutman’s list of top five New England diners. This 1928 landmark is known for its fresh fish sandwiches, chowder and unbeatable breakfasts. It’s considered one of the best diners in the country by the National Registered List of Historic Places.

Casey's Diner

Open since 1922, Casey’s Diner of Natick, Massachusetts, is said to be America’s oldest operating diner. This 10-stool, oak interior dining car is famous for its hot dogs and serves more than 600 per day. This is a piece of America that is not to be missed.