10 Best Destinations for Snowbirds This Winter

Escape the chilly, sometimes positively arctic, weather this season and go someplace warm
Charleston, South Carolina


Escape to Charleston, South Carolina this winter season.

As the days continue to get colder, it’s time to think about a reprieve from the frigid, snowy, gray weather conditions of the north. Between October and April, birds migrate down south to keep warm during the winter, and “snowbirds” are people who follow suit.

10 Best Destinations for Snowbirds This Winter

Winter brings with it the holidays, meaning kids are off from school, and it’s the perfect time for entire snowbird families to vacation someplace that’s far from below-freezing temperatures. Sit by the pool or lie on the beach, and soak in all that much-needed vitamin D from the beaming sunshine — or get active, biking, hiking, touring, and more.


Because wintertime can be dark and gloomy, many people flock to sunnier, warmer, and greener places like the Sunshine State or the Golden State. If you’re interested in traveling to Central America or the Caribbean islands, consider taking a direct flight to one of the many warm cities that has plenty of activities for all you snowbirds out there.