10 Best Destinations To Beat The Summer Heat

With temperatures rising all over the country, if you haven't made your summer plans yet it's time to start booking those flights and making plans to escape the overwhelming heat. Sure, some of the hotter destinations will have the best summer deals right now, but if you don't mind traveling somewhere during peak season you'll be able to catch a break from the brutal sun. Now, to clarify, there are beach destinations on this list, but they are located in cities that experience mild temperatures during the time between June and August.

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In some places, like Rio de Janeiro, these months actually make up the winter season, as the winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere occurs toward the end of June. However, winter in Rio is mild and tends to be in the comfortable 70s.

Other places such as Juneau, Alaska, and Helsinki are cold all year long, and summer is the only time for them to shine and experience a bit of warmth. During the winter, these cities are not ideal for most visitors, since a majority of the day is spent in freezing temperatures and darkness, so summer is the best time to fully experience these destinations.

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