10 Best Crêpes In America

We've recently shared where to find the best pancakes in America, but what about crêpes, pancakes' Gallic cousins? They're equally as delicious, if not moreso, yet are often overlooked in this country in favor of their fluffier counterparts. Don't they deserve some separate recognition as well?

Slideshow: 10 Best Crêpes in America

The crêpe is a French version of the pancake, brought to the height of perfection in Brittany and enjoyed all around the world, and there are plenty of crêperies and dessert spots making them throughout the United States. We've found them as far north as Fairbanks, Alaska, and as far south as Key West, Florida.

Crêpes can be eaten plain with just butter and sugar anytime, or with cheese added for breakfast, or filled with ham for lunch, or as a dessert with fruits and a chocolate drizzle. How you decide to enjoy this light pancake variety is up to you, but if you stop into any of the places on our list, from coast to coast, you won't be disappointed with whichever choice you make. To arrive at this list of America's best crêperies, we compared ratings and reviews from FourSquare, Yelp, and other online sources.