10 Best Beaches For A Spring Break Getaway

10. South Beach: Miami

Miami is a popular destination for all vacations. It's a melting pot of people from all over the world who visit year round to take a break from reality. You can spend your time with the college students partying at LIV nightclub or hopping around beach parties all day, but you can also have a family weekend away building sand castles on the beach, going parasailing or jet skiing, and dining al fresco on Ocean Drive.

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9. Cala Jondal: Ibiza

Everyone knows that Ibiza is a getaway for the most serious partygoers, but Cala Jondal beach is a pleasant retreat from the large crowds typical of the island. Take a good book, grab a sunbed, and sip on a refreshing mojito as you watch the waves crash in over the pebbled beach. If you want to join the party in the evening, you're only a short ride from the chaotic Ibiza Town we've all heard about in pop songs.

8. Copacabana Beach: Rio de Janeiro

Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro is a go-to destination for any traveler looking to spend time by the beach. Although known for a party atmosphere during spring break season, the beach area's bustling activities, dining, and gorgeous waters.

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7. Smathers Beach: Key West

For being an island off of Florida, Key West is not known for its beaches – nor are there many to visit. However, Smathers Beach makes our list for its location and water activities. Less than 15 minutes from famous Duval Street, Smathers Beach is a great spot for paddle boarding, kayaking, windsurfing, and parasailing. Of the man-made beaches in Key West – of all of them, really — this is the one to visit.

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6. Doctor’s Cave Beach: Montego Bay, Jamaica

A touristy (but still beautiful) spot in Montego Bay, Jamaica, is Doctor's Cave Beach. This private beach can get pretty crowded throughout the day but it's a must-visit destination Montego Bay. You won't have to far to grab a bite since the Sand Bar restaurant is right on the stretch of sand.

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5. Seven Mile Beach: Grand Cayman Island

One of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean (if not the most beautiful), Seven Mile Beach is ideal for any spring break vacation. The soft-sand beach is even more enchanting when you take a look at the world that lies underwater only a few steps away. The colorful coral and diverse wildlife makes snorkeling along this strand a must.

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4. Mamita’s: Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Although there are many great beaches in Playa del Carmen, the best one is Mamita's. Go jet skiing one day, banana-boating the next, and take out a catamaran on another. If you need to take a break from the sun and the crystal blue ocean views, you can walk along La Quinta Avenida for bars, restaurants, and light shopping.

3. Pink Sand Beach: Eleuthera, Bahamas

Eleuthera is known for having the best beaches in the Bahamas, and the Pink Sand Beach is proof of that. This picturesque destination has soft sand and calm, clear water that also goes by Poponi Beach. It's a nice spot for long walks and snorkeling and if you're a scuba diver, you'll be thrilled to know that the Current Cut dive isn't too far off.

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2. Kauna’oa Bay: Big Island, Hawai’i

The magical Kauna'oa Bay is a crescent-shaped beach on the Big Island's Kohala Coast. This beach is both romantic and family-friendly. There isn't much to do on the beach itself — besides relaxing — but you can take a helicopter tour of the area or go on a day trip to Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park. While there, be sure to dine at some of the local restaurants for delicious, fresh seafood. 

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1. Playa Rincón: Samana, Dominican Republic

Playa Rincón is a great destination for those looking to step off the beaten path for a short spring break vacation. Stay in Samana, Dominican Republic, and take a day trip to the small nearby island where you'll relax on the nearly empty stretch of beach, dine at local restaurants, and get a feel for the island life.

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