The 10 Best Airlines for Snacking

There are more than just peanuts and pretzels available on these flights

10. Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines kicks off our list with an impressive roster of snacks including glazed almonds and the puffed rice and corn snack, Pirate’s Booty. They’re all available for purchase in Picnic Packs, the on-board snack package that includes items such as sun-dried tomato hummus and olives. On top of all that, Alaska Airlines serves Starbucks Pike’s Place roast.

9. Aeromexico

This major Mexican airline has created a cult following around their cacahuetes. Even though they’re peanuts, these Japanese-inspired, flavor-coated peanuts have an entire forum dedicated to where to find them. They are available in multiple flavors, ranging from salt and lemon to spicy chile. Aeromexico flights tend to be a little pricier, but the complimentary bar may ease the pain a bit. 

8. Cathay Pacific Airlines

Cathay Pacific Airlines makes a trip with them worth your while with complimentary Asian noodle soup on almost every flight. In addition to meals, passengers are offered a variety of sandwiches if they need a snack. Not only will you be content, but you will also taste some regional food in the meantime. 

7. Emirates

Emirates is constantly ranked at the top of airline lists for their superior service and in-flight meal options. And their snacks follow suit, with cheese and crackers being served alongside sticky date pudding. Passengers can appreciate the high-quality Middle Eastern fare while enjoying the award-winning customer service Emirates is known for.  

6. Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines takes snacking to a new level. On every flight, passengers are afforded the choice of a variety of Turkish meze, small Mediterranean dishes that are served at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Turkish Airlines’ authentic menu is backed up by its accolades as the winner of the Best Low-Cost Airline 2011 and the Best Airline in Europe in 2012 in the World Airline Awards.

5. Delta

This airline pleases passengers with Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, chunky chocolate chip cookies, and Stacy’s Pita Chips. Delta also provides their signature biscotti, for which consumers are constantly on the lookout. On Delta flights, passengers can get the brand-name snacks that they recognize without paying an exorbitant price for a ticket. 

4. Air France

Air France is known for bringing authentic French cuisine to the in-flight experience. On board, passengers are treated to a variety of complimentary French pastries and breads that are baked fresh before every flight. If there’s one thing the French are serious about, it’s their food, and you better believe this carries over into the quality of their on-board snacking experience.  

3. Virgin America

If you’re flying Virgin America, expect high-quality snacks served by award-winning staff. The winner of the 2012 Award for Best Airline Staff Service in the SkyTrax World Airline Awards, Virgin America is a modern airline that puts a premium on customer service. Notable snacks for purchase include organic caramel popcorn, Chex Mix, and “better-than-homemade” chocolate chip cookies. 

2. JetBlue

JetBlue has a list of awards on their website that spans over four pages; the airline is constantly being praised for exceptional customer service and a superior flight experience. They practically made their signature snack, Terra Blue Chips, a household staple, and they're served alongside other complimentary snacks like PopCorners popcorn chips, Linden’s Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Fritos. 

1. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines tops off our list as the number one airline for snacking. The most awarded airline in the world, Singapore Airline offers a large amount of regional cuisine choices. Passengers get their money’s worth with Singaporean fish porridge, vegetarian noodle Soup, and edam cheese with cumin-spiced bread. The variety is enough to keep you full, as they boast one of the most unique in-flight menus in the world.