10 Best Airline Meals In Europe Slideshow


Based in Vienna, NIKI offers an amazing assortment of pre-order meals, I opted for the Hong Kong Noodle pack, which includes roasted chicken breast, egg noodles and Asian vegetables (€8). It was delivered straight to my seat after take-off and actually tasted awesome; complete with sweet and sour sauce and all the trimmings?


Whilst I am not a vegetarian, I did pre-order this vegetarian option on Latvian airline airBaltic as so many of my friends are and wanted to see what the options are like. I would highly recommend pre-ordering this meal, which includes a mozzarella and tomato salad, vegetable roulade with Philadelphia cheese, rice, and tomato sauce, and fruit salad served with orange juice (€12). It was so fresh and typically not like your normal airline meal! I had three courses, each a taste sensation.


I pre-ordered a cold breakfast option on German airline Condor, probably the biggest inflight tray I have ever seen, food for what looked like miles and miles. Cold cuts, pastries, fresh fruit, you name it, I ate it on this early morning flight. The meal includes fruit yogurt, farmers ham, smoked pork slice, and Tilsit cheese, fresh fruit salad, croissants with Brötchen butter and marmalade, and a piece of chocolate ($8.40).


Now you're probably going to think I am crazy, but this Dutch airline had the best inflight sandwich I have ever eaten! (Trust me I know, I ate many on my journey). I wanted more; the chicken pesto sandwich was so fresh and not your typical soggy in-flight sandwich (€4.50). I later found out that the supplier of the sandwiches for Transavia (Sandays Bakeries) actually designed the packaging to ensure the freshness of the product!


Again I ordered a vegetarian option as per a friend's request on German airline TUIfly. This was a pre-order meal which I paid for. Compare it to what everyone else got on the plane, let's just say I had a few seagulls sniffing around my seat. They wanted to dine from my meal tray and wondered how I ended up with such a great meal. A fresh ratatouille, mushroom salad with asparagus spears, a HUGE tray of fresh cooked vegetables, a vegetarian ravioli dish with raviolis filled with goat cheese in tomato  sauce and to top it all off, a dessert of panna cotta with fruity mango purée (€12.90).

Air Berlin

Nothing better than starting your day with a hot breakfast. I pre-ordered this meal when I booked my ticket on Air Berlin and it was worth it. Whilst everyone else was eating a boring old pretzel, I was tucking into this hot delicious breakfast. Scrambled eggs cooked perfectly, grilled breakfast bacon, tomato, and sautéed button mushrooms, and steaming hot bread roll (€6.50). The only problem is this dish was a little small, I wanted more.

Aer Lingus

I bought this breakfast on board, and I was the lucky last to get a hot breakfast (€7.50). They tend to sell out of the Irish Breakfast quickly, and you can see why. I think Aer Lingus has one of the best on board menus around at the moment. I really like all of their fresh options.


I pre ordered this amazing hot English breakfast option, a nice start on a flight headed to the U.K. on Monarch. Whilst everyone else bought boring old shelf stable food from the in-flight menu, I was on a culinary adventure sampling a traditional breakfast!


My breakfast on Iberia consisted of a typically Spanish baguette which was filled with cured ham and the bread was to die for (€9.50). Again, I know what you thinking, but it's just a baguette....It was typically Spanish and was ever so tasty, and I can still remember the first bite.


I flew this airline after my 20,000km journey, and whilst they did not form part of the project, I just have to mention them! SkyWork is based in Switzerland and they will feed you depending on where you fly to. For example I flew to Switzerland so I was served this amazing Swiss breakfast option consisting of Bircher muesli and a croissant. If I was flying to say Greece or Italy they would have served me either a Greek salad or a pasta dish to Italy. I totally love this airline, and love how they feed you depending on where you fly to! Show me an airline that does this.