Travel Photo of the Day: Waffles in Belgium

When in Belgium, don't order a "Belgian waffle"

Waffles in Belgium can come with a variety of toppings.

In Belgium, there are no "Belgian waffles" — at least not by the same name that Americans use. What Americans know as Belgian waffles, Belgians have another name for: Brussels waffles, or gaufre de Bruxelles.

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Unique for their high grid, general fluffiness, and slightly fermented aroma (traditional recipes use yeast as a leavening agent instead of baking powder), Brussels waffles have been poplar snack in Belgium since the Middle Ages. As one might expect, the recipe back then was a little different from the waffles that we know today; instead of all-purpose white flour, they included barley and oats.

As the waffles have evolved from "unleavened crisp cakes" to the warm, supple pastries we know and love, they’ve also been paired with a few (now common) garnishes: confectioners' sugar, chocolate, soft fruits, and whipped cream, to name a few.

For the gaufre connoisseur, Liège waffles are also common in Belgium and differ slightly from the gaufre de Bruxelles. They are made from a brioche-like dough that is sprinkled with sugar during the final rise. The sugar eventually caramelizes on the griddle, which creates a fragrant and golden crust.

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