Travel Photo of the Day: Sopes

Sopes are a popular corn-based food in Mexico

Sopes are typically served with refried beans, a choice of meat, lettuce, and sour cream.

Mexican cuisine is known for its creative uses of corn, with one of the simplest and most delicious being small fried corn cakes known as sopes.

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Traditional sopes are made with three ingredients: water, masa harina (corn flour that has been treated with lime), and salt. It’s generally a one-to-one flour-to-water ratio that is formed into small balls before being flattened out into a small cake that is about 5 inches in diameter.

These cakes are then fried on a hot griddle before being topped with refried beans, a choice of several types of meat (usually either pork, beef, or chicken), lettuce, tomatoes, and crema, or Mexican sour cream.

Want to try your hand at making sopes at home? Check out our simple recipe!

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