Travel Photo of the Day: Puto From the Philippines

These simple cakes come in a variety of shapes and sizes

Puto are sometimes served in banana leaves.

If you’re traveling through the Philippines, it’s likely that you’ll come across puto, or a traditional steamed rice cake.

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This small cake is considered to be a merienda, or a light meal or snack typically eaten in the afternoon. A common accompaniment is dinuguan, or pork blood stew. As seen above, puto are usually white, but are sometimes dyed different colors. These colors oftentimes indicate the addition of local ingredients like ube (a purple yam).

There are many variations of the basic puto recipe, including sweeter versions garnished with coconut and more savory presentations topped with cheese. As one might expect, traditions vary depending on region.  

Craving your own puto? Check out our recipe!

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