Travel Photo Of The Day: Parrillada

Although the term refers to a cooking method instead of an actual food item, a parrillada is a very important part of many South American cuisines. Meaning "grill" or "barbecue," parrillada generally refers to a grilled mix of meats and poultry.

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The grilling tradition is especially popular in Argentina, Columbia, and Brazil. In fact, there are entire restaurants called parrillas that are inspired by the grill technique. The way it typically works is that diners choose their meal based on the grilled meats that are brought around the dining room on large skewers.

These are generally all-you-can-eat affairs that implement tokens to indicate when a diner is full; when a diner is full, they turn their token from "yes" to "no."  

Planning your own parrillada? Try our recipe for parrillada de pescado, or a fish-themed parrillada, here!

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