Travel Photo Of The Day: Oysters

If there is a place to enjoy a plate of fresh oysters, Ireland is it. The shores of this island are home to many oysters; in fact, they were an important food resource during the 19th-century Great Irish Famine.

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Oysters are still very important to the Irish. There are annual food festivals to celebrate them, such as the Galway International Oyster & Seafood Festival, which occurs during the last weekend of every September (it begins this year on Sept. 27). The oysters alone may be worth a trip to Galway, a bustling city on the western coast of Ireland.

The art of oyster-eating is quite simple: pick up a shucked oyster, nudge it from the shell, tilt it into your mouth, and savor the delicate taste of the sea. Oysters are also good with a pint of Guinness (or two), but they taste just as good without the popular Irish dry stout. They also can be topped with red onion vinaigrette, but a simple squeeze of lemon juice would suffice.

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