Travel Photo of the Day: Kiuchi Brewery

Asian beer is on this rise worldwide

Kiuchi Brewery

Since 2010, Asia has produced more beer than Europe, making it the largest beer-producing region in the world.  Not only has production been on the rise, but consumption has, too. Asian consumers "drank a total of 67 billion liters of beer, compared to 57 billion in the Americas and 51 billion in Europe" in 2011.  

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Not everyone in Asia is a fan of this trend, since it’s sometimes attributed to Western influence. Even still, Asian beers are on an international rise. One of the most acclaimed (from a Western perspective, that is) Japanese breweries is the Kiuchi Brewery based in Ibaraki, Japan.

Their White Ale is one of their more popular and acclaimed brews. The pale beer is known for its "generous use of wheat with a sharp tart scent peppered with hints of coriander… [and] cinnamon twang."

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