Travel Photo of the Day: Horchata in Mexico

Horchata is a chilled and spiced beverage

Depending on the style, horchata can either be chufa-based or rice-based.

As the weather warms up, horchata is a refreshing beverage of choice throughout much of Mexico. Served over ice, it is made with rice and flavored with lime, cinnamon, and sugar.

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Horchata is readily found on the streets of Mexico, as well as in many restaurants throughout the country. Its opaque appearance might make you think that it contains dairy, but it is actually lactose-free.

The drink is actually believed to date back to ancient Egypt, where it was made with chufa nuts. The recipe eventually made its way to Spain, where it is still traditionally made chufa-style. One can find the chufa-style in Mexico these days, but the common rice-based recipe incorporated rice since chufa is not native to this part of the world.

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