Travel Photo of the Day: Corzetti in Italy

This beautiful pasta has been an Italian tradition for centuries

Corzetti come from the Liguria region of Italy.

Pasta is an art form for many Italians. With intricate surface designs, medallion-like corzetti is no exception.

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Corzetti are pasta discs that are traditionally stamped with a specific design. In addition to being beautiful, the textured image has a function: it’s also helps to hold a specific sauce.

The stamp itself is two pieces: a “base” with both a hollow side that’s used for cutting discs out of a sheet of pasta as well as an opposing side with the desired design. The second piece is a handle with a “stamp,” which also includes the intended design. After a disc has been cut out of the pasta with the base piece, it is then laid on the opposite end. The disc is then stamped, creating a pattern on both of its surfaces.

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