Travel Photo of the Day: Conch

Like escargot in France, this is a popular snail dish

Many Americans may be more used to seeing conch on their bathroom wallpaper than on a dinner menu. Whether or not this is the case, conch is actually a very popular and traditional dish throughout the Caribbean region, and especially in the Bahamas.

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Conch are actually large edible marine snails that are usually found in Caribbean waters stretching from the south of Florida to the north of Brazil. Although this may be a popular dish throughout the region, experts at the Monterey Bay Aquarium suggest that consumers should avoid conch since the population has been slow to recover from overfishing, pollution, and loss of habitat.

Take note that "a few conch-exporting nations have adequate management." However, since experts are currently unable to obtain consistent data about conch populations, the true effects of these management techniques are yet to be determined.

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