Travel Photo Of The Day: Chapati In Delhi

One of Delhi's most vibrant, as well as one of its most hectic, areas is Old Delhi's Chandni Chowk. This strip is known for its riotous bazaars and several shrines that are frequent stops for both locals and tourists alike.  

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Like large markets in other parts of the world, one can find many different foods and local crafts in this part of town. It's hard to know what's worth trying a lot of the time, but one thing worth sampling here is chapati (see above): a thin flatbread that is arguably India's staple food.

The simple bread is versatile and can either be eaten plain or (traditionally, at least) with dal (creamy lentils), beans in spicy sauce (rajma), or potatoes and cauliflower (aloo gobi ki subzi). Dressed up, or dressed down, after tasting warm chapati, it's easy to understand why people have continued to make it for hundreds of years.

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