Travel Photo of the Day: Artichoke

Humans have been eating this thistle for centuries

Artichokes are native to regions surrounding the Mediterranean.

Did you know that the artichokes that many of us eat are actually a flower bud?  In fact, not harvested in beforehand, this thistle “vegetable” will actually bloom into a vibrant purple flower.

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As far as we know, artichokes are considered to be one of the oldest human foods. They’ve been written about in Aegean legend and were once only reserved for male consumption since the vegetable “was considered an aphrodisiac…[that would] enhance [women’s] sexual power” during the 16th century.

Although they are native to the Mediterranean region, most of the world’s artichoke supply now comes from California. The artichoke is so important to the state’s agricultural economy that they were recently named the state’s “official vegetable.”

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