Travel Photo of the Day: Malian Tea Ceremony

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Tea ceremonies are prominent traditions in many cultures
Tea ceremony in Mali

Tea Ceremony in Mali

Many cultures have important rituals centered around tea. The Japanese tea ceremony can range from a simple gathering to an elaborate meal, while afternoon or high tea in the U.K. and Ireland is more of a daily snack. Even the variety of tea (including black, green, oolong, white, etc.) can make a difference.

In Mali (pictured above), tea ceremonies signify friendship and welcoming. Malians generally simmer green tea and mint leaves in a small teapot before adding significant amounts of sugar. They drink several cups of the tea from small glasses and use this time (sometimes upwards of an hour and a half) to relax, chat, and take a break. The custom is so widespread that the tea is oftentimes referred to as the country’s “national drink.”

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