Travel To Park City For A Fall Getaway Before The Snow Sets In

Your winter wardrobe and ski gear might still be in storage—after all, it's only September—but now is the perfect time to fit in one last snow-free visit to Utah's mountain paradise of Park City before the flakes start falling and Hollywood types begin flocking there for that certain festival which shall not be named.

In fact, when there's no snow on the ground, there are plenty of great nature activities to enjoy for all fitness levels, and lots of luxurious excursions to take. So grab a seat on the next flight and prepare for a fall getaway in Park City.

Getting there is simpler than ever. Salt Lake City is a major Delta hub with plenty of daily flights from cities all over the U.S. (and it's just an hour flight from the West Coast). Though much higher in elevation, Park City is a 45-minute drive from Salt Lake along a well-paved and perfectly-maintained highway.