Travel Channel Premiering 'Celebrity Layover,' Mimicking 'Getaway'

Perhaps they are suffering from Bourdain withdrawal?

Travel Channel has just announced its upcoming lineup, and while Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre Foods America has obviously been renewed for a fifth season, a new show sounds strangely familiar.

Travel Channel has announced a show, currently being called Celebrity Layover, where a different celebrity shares their favorite place in the world, showing viewers their secret "hot spots, exclusive know-how and personal insights," Eater reports. Sounds strangely familiar to the Anthony Bourdain-produced The Getaway on the upcoming Esquire Network, which "explores the world’s greatest cities through the eyes of a revolving cast of travel-loving celebs."


Bourdain, who left Travel Channel last year to hit up the CNN gang, has casted Joel McHale, Aziz Ansari, Seth and Josh Meyers, Rashida Jones, and Paul Fieg to travel around the world and share their little secrets; No word on who Celebrity Layover will cast, but we can only hope for Mindy Kaling. Or, like, Ryan Gosling. That'd be pretty sweet.