Travel Channel Announces New Show 'Dangerous Grounds' In Search Of Perfect Coffee Bean

It's about time that drinks got in on the reality food show craze: This November, Travel Channel will premiere a new series based on the world's most precious coffee beans.

Dangerous Grounds will follow CEO and co-founder of La Colombe Torrefaction, Todd Carmichael, as he travels to Haiti, Bolivia, Madagascar, and other countries, according to a press release. But don't think it's all peaceful cups of coffee: it's a dangerous mission to secure these valuable beans. The release advertises zip-lining on a "makeshift cable thousands of feet in the air" and "machine gun-toting adversaries." Say what? The reason for all this danger is that coffee is one of the most sought-after commodities, just after oil — and people will do anything to keep their hands on it. 

Carmichael, the Philadelphia roaster who is known for his exclusive roasts in his seven La Colombe locations, starts out in earthquake-stricken Haiti in the premiere on Nov. 5. In an interview with Eater in March, Carmichael said viewers will be surprised by the locations on the show. "Beans aren't grown at chateaus in wealthy areas. There aren't these beautiful vineyards full of beans growing all over, usually they're grown by farmers who also have yams, potatoes, and peas in the same rows of soil," he said. Let's just say things got a bit hairy for him: "Most of these countries are places were people still feel comfortable shooting at each other without a thought, so we're always a little on edge." he said. "...There's a lot of people and animals that did not want me to be where I was, that's all I can say." We're definintely tuning in. 

(Photo Modified: Flickr/olle svensson/CC 4.0)