Travel Blogs: Steak Frites in Paris and More

In today's Link Love, street food in Bali, plus homemade kimchee

A traditional French meal, the steak frites.

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• Where to go for the ultimate Frech cuisine staple, le steak frites? Paris' Le Relais de Venise, with a "secret sauce" made of : ground chicken livers, cream, thyme, and mustard. [Roads & Kingdoms]

• New Zealand's celebrity chef Jason Dell shares his recipes for Pan Asian-inspired kumara, Singapore-style noodles with lamb, and curried mussel and kumara fritters. [Camemberu]

• The best of street food in Bali: satay skewers with rice cakes, a tofu-type dish called tipat tahu, and nasi campur. [Street Food]

• An intimate meal at Tokoyo's Kodama restaurant, a two-Michelin-starred restaurant, promises both zensai and delicious eats. [Tomostyle]

• Don't be intimidated to make your own kimchee, a fermented mix of veggies and and seasonings. Baechu kimchee uses cabbage in its traditional Asian recipe. [Pig Pigs Corner]