Travel Blogs: Japchae And More

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• Japchae, a traditonal Korean dish, is made with "glass noodles;" it's the perfect veggie and beef stir-fry. [Cuisine Paradise]

• Most Montreal dining spots are closed on Sunday and Monday nights; Will Travel For Food offers up suggestions of what restaurants to seek out during the week. [Will Travel for Food]

• Stir-fried intestines — need we say more? That and more unique eats at Malaysia's Chemor Village Restaurant. [Motormouth From Ipoh]

• A quinoa granola is the perfect companion for a weekend getaway to the French Alps. [Ms. Adventures in Italy]

• Vietnam's streets offer a "seafood orgy": scallops, cockles, snails, plus fried rice, coconut salad, and stir-fried pork intestine. [Spicegasm]