Travel Blogs: Calçots in Catalonia and More

In today's Link Love, frozen sashimi, plus Buryan markets in Turkey

The calçott in Catalonia.

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• The calçott, a Catalan staple, is a leek-like veggie; naturally, the calçotada — a feast dedicated to the veggie — involves roasting them on an open fire and serving them with plenty of food and wine. [La Tortuga Viajera]

• Some of the foodie highlights in the Philippine’s Baler region: the karinderyas, small pop-up restaurants that serve dishes like Lechon kawali, beef bulalo, pork nilaga, and more. [JuanderfulPinoy]

• Buryan markets in Bitsi, Turkey, are unlike any meat market you’ll ever see, with goat meat hung and cooked in tandoori ovens for hours. [Istanbul Food]

• Rome’s most prized pizza maker, Gabriele Bonci, releases his first cookbook for pizza lovers everywhere. [Parla Food]

• Frozen sashimi? Better believe it — it’s a delicacy in Russia’s Arctic Circle. [Roads and Kingdoms