Travel App Clipix Keeps Travelers Organized

Clipix, a free online tool that organizes digital content with just one click, is hoping to help travelers better organize their travel plans.

Clipix lets users keep track of websites, photos, videos, and documents by storing them on public and private digital clipboards. Though Clipix is not a social networking site, users can share clipboards with multiple users who can make changes live on the boards, which makes it easier to coordinate travel plans with groups of family and friends.

"Clipix lets you share with people who care," said CEO Oded Berkowitz.

Travel planners can use the clipboards to keep track of restaurants, reservations, receipts, and transportation pricing. Each clip includes a thumbnail image and can be shared on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Each image has a watermark to protect the copyright of the images.

One feature which works like a personal travel agent, allows users to set up price alerts for items like airplane tickets and hotel rooms. When users clip a link, Clipix sends an alert through email and on Clipix when the price changes. Multiple airlines and hotel chains can be clipped, allowing travelers to compare price changes over periods of time.

Clipix is available for iPhone and Android devices and comes in 12 languages, including English, Spanish, French, Chinese, and Japanese. The app allows for seamless sharing across languages, so users who speak different languages but want to share clipboards can see them in the same language or in their preferred language.

Lauren Mack is the Travel Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her @lmack.