Train Chef Fired for Excessive Honesty About Food

A train chef was allegedly fired for telling customers about the food

A British train chef says he was fired for being too honest about the train's terrible food.

Honesty is not necessarily the best policy at one’s place of employment, as one British train chef found out recently when he was allegedly fired for telling customers the food was not going to be good.

According to The Metro, Mike Doughty had been working as a chef on East Coast Trains for 14 years when the catering manager told a train’s first-class passengers on an early morning train from Edinburgh to London that they would not be getting their breakfast. Doughty allegedly told the passengers that it did not actually matter if he showed up to work that day or not, because the boiler was broken, so they wouldn’t be getting the cooked food that normally would have accompanied their trip.

One of the customers was reportedly served a panini instead, and he said the sandwich “tasted and looked disgusting” and described it as “disgraceful.” Doughty reportedly told the customer he was in complete agreement.

Doughty was reportedly fired for his comments, and he and his union representatives say he is being used as “a scapegoat” by the company to cover up the fact that it had let equipment failures and staffing problems lead it to serve substandard food.

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