Toy-Containing Chocolate Eggs Now Legal In U.S.

Kinder Surprise Eggs, the delightful chocolate eggs with plastic toys inside, have been illegal in the U.S. since the FDA declared them to be too dangerous for American kids out of concerns that they might accidentally eat or choke on the toys. But U.S. kids will no longer be denied the chocolate surprise eggs the rest of the world enjoys, as a New Jersey company has developed a new way of hiding plastic toys inside eggs that even the FDA has accepted as safe.


According to Buzzfeed, the FDA has forbid the sale of nonfood items inside candy since 1938, but that hasn't stopped people from trying to get their hands on Kinder Surprise Eggs. More than 60,000 of the candy eggs are confiscated at the U.S. border every year, and they come with potential fines of up to $2,500 per egg.


But Lebanon, N.J.-based Candy Treasure LLC has designed a new sort of chocolate surprise egg that gets past the FDA and Consumer Product Safety Commission requirements.


The Kinder Surprise is all chocolate from outside. Squeezing one pops it open, revealing the toy inside a tiny plastic container. The ostensibly safer Choco Treasure made it past the FDA by developing an internal plastic egg that is visible along the seam of the chocolate shell. Nobody could look at a Choco Surprise egg and not know there was an inedible object inside.


Accordng to The Huffington Post, the toys currently come in dinosaur, sports, and Spider-Man themed varieties. Christmas ornaments and a "girl license" line are slated for later this year. Choco Surprise eggs are currently for sale at Target and on the Choco Treasure website.